Solutions for Your Business

Reduce your Energy Dependence

Ten years from now, you will be paying double what you pay today for energy. This bold estimation is based on historical fact; energy rates in Hawaii have risen an average of 6% each year for the last 30 years. And as you know all too well, the increases have often been substantially greater than that.

Power-up your bottom-line with a stunning ROI

Hawaii’s dependence on shipped petroleum drives up energy costs and accounts for an agonizingly large percentage of your operating budget. With a minimal NET investment after Federal and State Tax Incentives and scheduled depreciation, a solar photovoltaic system on Oahu can pay for itself in 3 years. Due to even higher electrical rates, the neighbor islands will enjoy positive returns even sooner. Now is the time to power-up your bottom line.

Find a Solution, not Confusion

Finding a solar solution for your company doesn’t have to be confusing. Allow Hawaii Energy Connection’s experienced professionals guide you through the sea of energy choices, utility offerings, manufacturers and solar products and financing options, to create a custom energy plan that minimizes your company’s annual energy outlay.

Get Connected Locally

Hawaii Energy Connection is a nationally recognized, locally-owned solar integration company dedicated to affordable solar solutions. We’re Hawaii’s leader in residential solar installations and we’re here to help your business find the right energy package for your company. Go ahead, ask a neighbor how to go green and see some green faster.

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