Answers about KumuKit™ Packages.

Q: How is my Electricity Stored? Does the KumuKit™ come with a Battery backup system?

A: No, all KumuKit™ systems are Grid Tied (connected to the utility) and Net Metered (Utility stores your power at no cost) PV Systems. Battery Backup Systems are a good alternative if you DO NOT already have grid power connected to your home. It is important to understand that Battery Backup systems can add many thousands of dollars to your PV system and last only 7 to 10 years before needing to be replaced while the old Deep Cell Lead Acid batteries must be disposed of in a safe manner. Additionally, as battery systems charge and discharge there is a loss of electrical energy. Battery systems also need dedicated space in a weatherproof area and require routine maintenance. The NET METERED KumuKits™ require virtually no maintenance and because they are NET metered with the Utility THERE IS NO ENERGY LOST. The utility returns 100% of the electricity that your system sends out to the grid.

Q: Will I have power when the Utility power goes down?

A: Unfortunately Not. All grid tied PV systems are required by law to Automatically Turn OFF should the utility grid go down. This prevents any solar generated electricity from hurting someone working on the grid. If you are concerned about having emergency power during a Utility outage we highly recommend a Propane Standby Generator with Auto Switching. It will last much longer than Battery backup systems, provide more electricity to your home during an outage and cost a fraction of the typical cost of a battery backup system. WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO PROVIDE YOU A QUOTE.

Q: What if I Need to Re-Roof in the future?

A: The KumuKit™ is pre-engineered to simplify the Assemble-Disasemble Process. The entire PV system assembles and disassembles with an Allen Wrench and a socket wrench. For approximately $400 dollars (KumuKit™ I) we can schedule the removal of your system down to the basic stand-off legs and flashing. The roofers can have access to the entire roof as they need and the system can be easily replaced once the roofing is completed.

Q: What about winds and storms? Will the KumuKit™ hold up?

A: Every KumuKit™ installation includes Formal Building Permits. We are required to meet or exceed all building wind, electric and other codes relevant to our installation. Each of the 12 Penetrations on a typical KumuKit™II PV system use Stainless Steel Lag bolts or Screws penetrating deep into the beams under your roof’s surface. Every penetration is professionally Sealed and Flashed as is done by a professional roofing company.

Q: What about special roof materials like Monier Tile, Cedar Shake, Standing Seam or Corrugated Metal?

A: The KumuKit™ is designed to be attached to virtually any acceptable roofing material including those above. The KumuKit™ Base Price includes
installation on a standard Shingle Roof. Tile roofs may incur a slight additional charge reflected in the KumuKit™ Quote.

Q: What if I have a flat or very low pitched roof?

A: We offer a Pre-Engineered 10º Tilt Kit that can be installed with your system. This not only increases electrical production but allows rain to run off and keep your panels clean.

Q: How do I know if my system is working and making electricity?

A: Each KumuKit™ comes with an Energy Monitoring Unit (EMU) that simply plugs into a wall receptacle in your home. The KumuKit™ on your roof communicates with the EMU via the home wiring and lets you know the system is working and how much electricity it is producing. The EMU can connect to your home computer or the internet router in your home so you can have internet or local computer access to details such as weekly performance, monthly performance, lifetime performance etc. Because each panel has it’s own Inverter, the performance of each panel can be tracked from your home computer or even the internet via a user name and password.

Q: How Heavy is the system?

A: The fully installed KumuKit™ footprint will add Under 3 lbs. per square foot to your roofs structure.

Q: Why should I buy a KumuKit™? What separates your company from the others?

A: Hawaii Energy Connection, LLC has designed the KumuKit™ to address key problems in the industry and are dedicated to delivering the very best possible equipment, installation and support at the best possible price. Our focus is on Minimizing the hassle factor for our clients while maximizing the services we provide. All KumuKit™ Customers enjoy:

  • Published pricing with no up-selling or hidden charges.
  • City & County Permitted installation by our trained and Certified State licensed C-13 Electrician.
  • Professionally sealed and FLASHED roof penetrations.
  • Complete Utility Net Meter Agreement Processing. We handle every requirement with the Utility directly.
  • 25 Year Manufacturer Power Warranty on the panels, 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty on the inverters and a 10 year written Installation warranty.
  • Simplified 1/2 day installation at your schedule convenience.
  • Energy Saver items to be used throughout the home increasing your overall energy savings.
  • Real Time On-line System monitoring via the internet.